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Discount Zippo Lighters for Sale
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Zippo Brand LightersThe Zippo lighter is an American institution. The Zippo Manufacturing Company, with their headquarters in Bradford, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1932. Zippo lighters became especially popular within the United States military, especially during World War II. While there was never an official contract, the lighters were frequently adorned with insignia from specific units and divisions. Soldiers in Vietnam would have their Zippo lighters engraved with personalized mottos. These custom Zippo lighters are now highly sought after collectors' items. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we're pleased to offer you over 400 different models of discount Zippo lighters. Beware of counterfeit imitations. You can rest assured that all lighters in this collection are guaranteed Made in USA Genuine Zippo Products.

We offer several lines of Zippo lighters. Some are made of polished chrome and are tastefully engraved. Others are rich with vibrant colors. Our Military and Patriotic Lighters include brushed chrome models with U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force designs. The Army and Marines lighters feature their own designs on matt finishes. There's the vibrant and dramatic Mazzi Eagle America design, and the Statue of Liberty Flag on brushed chrome. Each original design speaks loudly of American patriotic pride. Zippo also pays tribute to the world's most legendary Music and Bands. Included in this series are lighters depicting The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis and Bob Marley. Three different portraits of Elvis Presley can be found in our Celebrities and Famous People section. Outdoor and Wildlife Zippos include stunning artwork of pheasants, wolves and eagles. It would not be an American tradition without paying homage to American spirits and automobiles. You can find these in our Beverages & Spirits and Automotive collections. We have Zippo lighters for U.S. companies like Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Chevy and Ford. While we're speaking of American tradition, we have Zippo's snazzy line of Playboy lighters. We also carry Pouches and Accessories for our Zippo lighters.

As Zippo is a brand that continues into the future, there are Contemporary Designs that include cards, peace signs, zodiac symbols and religious themes. We have special Zippo collections for Harley-Davidson aficionados and NASCAR Racing fans. We also carry N.F.L. Zippo lighters for specific teams.

In addition to their legendary lighters, Zippo also manufactures elegant Writing Pens and high performance Watches in both sports and dress styles for men and women. These products are made with the same superior craftsmanship as their world renowned lighters.