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Wild Bill's Attic

When you climb upstairs and rummage through an attic, there's usually no telling what kind of lost or forgotten treasure you might find among discarded old things. That experience of the unexpected and unusual extends to the Wild Bill's Attic section of Wild Bill Wholesale, where rare and unique collectibles are the rule rather than the exception.

NOTE: The knives listed on this page are one-of-a kind warehouse finds of knives that are retired or no longer being produced by that manufacturer.

The list of items available in Wild Bill's Attic is ever-changing, because in so many cases there is only one such item in stock. Examples that may well be gone soon are different types of rare currency, like uncirculated silver dollars, rare old $2 bills, 19th century half-dollar coins, Confederate bonds from the 1800s and Silver Certificate dollar bills.

In addition to rare currency, Wild Bill's Attic also sells one-of-a-kind knives that are no longer in production. These knives are like finding a gem among the ruins in an old warehouse, and a rare Damascus steel hunting knife, fixed-blade hunter or green bone handle knife might be just the rarity that will make your own prized knife collection complete. If there's a long-forgotten knife model that has been retired and it's been on your bucket list for collection, it's worth checking out the inventory at Wild Bill Wholesale to see if what you seek just might be in stock.

There are also vintage military uniform buttons, Korean War Army helmets, World War II field telephones, vintage fallout shelter signs that folks of a certain age will remember well from the corridors and stairwells of their school buildings and many other items that represent time capsule pieces of Americana that provide a revealing look at forgotten aspects of our nation's history.