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Selling 101- Should I be selling online?

Posted by Wild Bill on May 17th 2018

You will note that we didn't use "knife" in the title of this post, because the information we hope to impart here would apply to just about any type of product you wish to sell.In the last few posts … read more

Knife Selling 101: Pricing Your Products For Sale

Posted by Wild Bill on May 3rd 2018

Okay, so you've acquired some inventory to sell, now comes the question "How much do I sell my products for".Properly pricing your inventory is of the utmost importance. Price too high and you'll h … read more

Knife Selling 101- Focusing your Inventory Mix: "Import" Knives

Posted by Wild Bill on Apr 30th 2018

(NOTE: Please be sure to read the post entitledKnife Selling 101-Selecting an Inventory: Name Brand or Import/Generic before reading this post.ASSEMBLING A POWER-PACKED INVENTORY Moving onto the … read more

Ask A Question!

Posted by Wild Bill on Apr 26th 2018

We are excited about our new Wild Bill's Community Blog. We hope to develop a community of our customers and other interested parties to talk about knives, other products, business questions and the l … read more