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Whips, Riding Crops, Etc.

When it comes to self-defense, you do what comes naturally. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we know that it's important to be comfortable and do what works best when you're defending yourself, your family or your property. That's why we've put together an extensive collection of self-defense whips and riding crops at wholesale prices. Whether you're looking for an ultra-long leather bull whip or a short, convenient leather riding crop, you'll find it in our comprehensive collection.

Our wholesale self-defense whips are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. With reinforced handles and built-in straps for hanging on a wall, these whips are available in a wide variety of lengths and styles. We carry six-foot and eight-foot leather bull whips that are easy to manage and store. With rugged, durable construction, these wholesale leather whips are ready to use even after extended storage in outdoor conditions.

We carry small and convenient leather riding crops at wholesale prices, too, so finding the perfect addition to your collection is easy. They're available in several colors, including red, pink and black, and feature everything you expect in a high-end crop. These flexible self-defense riding crops are small enough to be manageable but big enough to be effective. Each measures in at approximately 27 inches long.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, we believe in providing you with the widest selection. We've diversified our catalog to include wholesale cat o'nine tails whips for self-defense. Our inventory is full of 10-inch and 26-inch cat o'nine tails that are perfect for use in several self-defense applications. Non-slip handles make them easy to hold in sweaty palms during an emergency situation, and built-in loops for hanging on a wall make accessing them extremely convenient. These genuine leather cat o'nine tails are durable enough to withstand harsh conditions and provide you with up-close self-defense when you need it most.