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When you shop for a wallet at Wild Bill Wholesale, the benefits will become readily apparent when you see the super low discount prices. Buying a wallet or billfold from Wild Bill Wholesale will result in you having a lot more bills to stash away in your new wallet than you would if you bought a similar wallet for retail.

The inordinate selection of different wallets and billfolds should be enough to please just about anyone. Hand-crafted leather bifold or trifold wallets have 15 total card slots and two money slots. Zipper wallets provide an extra level of security for your cash and cards. Maxpedition Spartan Wallets come with lots of small compartments secured with Velcro® tabs to prevent slippage and two longer slots for paper bills so that carrying multiple currency types is easier. The Spartan design also includes an external mesh pocket for quick access to ticket stubs or to separate receipts. Urban wallets from Maxpedition are designed to carry essential items--including some thin cell phones---in a very compact package that doesn't bulge and that includes an ID window, a slip card compartment for a gusseted pocket which will hold up to 15 business cards or a thick fold of bills.

In addition to leather wallets, you can also find nylon wallets depicting different color logos, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps and the Rebel Flag. And there are leather bifold wallets with metal emblems of stars, longhorns, crossed pistols, Confederate flags and more, so that the money you carry can be housed in a wallet that makes a statement about you and what is important to you. See how you can store your money and save lots of money at the same time by checking out the wallet inventory at Wild Bill Wholesale. Call 888-922-5233 for more information.