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The Walking Dead

The cult zombie sensation "The Walking Dead" has been around more than half a decade, and its growing legion of obsessed followers can now commemorate their devotion to the AMC Network horror series with the selection of "The Walking Dead" movie and TV collectibles available at Wild Bill Wholesale for a fraction of what these items cost for retail.

Whether you are a walker or a biter, viewers of all stripes will rejoice in the collection of coffee mugs, cups, flasks, glasses, tumblers and shot glasses that celebrate "The Walking Dead." But there's plenty more in stock than just drinking material. The inventory also includes posters, blankets, aprons, wall signs, sword stands, wristbands, fleece throws and more. All blankets are made of real fleece, meaning that death imagery like this has never felt more cozy or comfortable. There's even a special high-end collectible dedicated to Michonne, the popular Samurai Girl character who is one of the most lethal, battle-hardened walker assassins on the hit AMC series.

The popularity of this cable series is unprecedented, with viewership that continues to increase as the buzz keeps on growing over the narrative. "The Walking Dead" has been received enthusiastically by viewers and critics alike, and this series set in the American South lends itself perfectly to collectible items and souvenirs that its loyal fans will be sure to eat up. Wild Bill Wholesale carries a complete assortment of officially licensed "The Walking Dead" merchandise, and all of it is available for unbeatable prices.