Veteran "Cannot Be Inherited" Hoodie

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The Veteran "Can Not Be Inherited" Hoodie features an inspiring design. The central feature of the design is the medallion with the American flag as the background with dog tags. Behind it, is the crossed assualt rifles with wings extending from each side. Then a shield is the very last element of this central aspect of the design. The very top of the design features a two tone fone that reads "It Can Not Be Inherited". Then the banner that reads "Nor Can It Ever Be Purchased". Above the shield, you will notice the tow tone font that reads "I Have Earned It With My". Under the shield, the ribbon banner reads "Blood Sweat And Tears". Under the bottom ribbon banner, the two tone font reads "I Own It Forever The Title". Athe very bottom is a stencil font that reads "Veteran". The design utilizes rich vibrant color.

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