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Ninja Stars - Throwing Stars - Shurikens

Throwing stars, properly called hira shuriken, date to 12th century Japan, when ninjas used them as secondary weapons to fend off attackers. The dozens of throwing stars carried by Wild Bill Wholesale are works of art, as well as tools of martial arts. Choose throwing stars in a huge selection of sizes, styles and designs to appeal to your customers.

One elaborate design is the Tri Blade by Paul Ehlers, which measures 5.25 inches in diameter and has a black finish on its three stainless steel blades. Even larger is the Fantasy Master Raptor Shuriken Throwing Star, a full 6.62 inches in overall width. The blades can be folded in or deployed so it can be used as a handheld weapon or a thrown weapon.

Of course most throwing stars were meant to be used once and abandoned. The huge selection shown here includes four-point, five-point and six-point stars, as well as the 4.5-inch eight-point throwing star. The Four-Piece Assorted Throwing Star Set includes four different stars in black stainless steel that measure 2.5 inches in diameter and come with a carrying pouch. Other styles include stars with a rainbow finish, boomerang-shaped throwers and the 3-inch Buzz Saw throwing star that resembles a circular saw blade.

Wild Bill Wholesale also has several choices of throwing cards. These stainless steel cards are the size of playing cards but made for throwing.

Does this wide selection leave you unsure which items to order to appeal to your customers? Let Wild Bill Wholesale choose for you. The Best Seller Ninja Star Wholesale Package includes a selection of the best-selling stars and cards. Wild Bill Wholesale constantly monitors thousands of orders from customers and puts all the best-selling items into one wholesale package. The contents of the package are updated monthly to reflect latest sales trends. By ordering the Best Seller Ninja Star Wholesale Package, you're assured of getting the best-selling items at our lowest pricing level. Although you'll get single items, you'll pay the discount price as if you were ordering three of each item. It's an easy way to add a variety of fascinating merchandise to your store's lineup.