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Throwing Knives, Throwing Stars, Targets & More
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When it comes to the finest and most comprehensive selection of throwing knives, Wild Bill's knives are a must-see. You'll love our huge collection of wholesale throwing knives; we know we do. We've put together a massive inventory of collectible and fully functional blades designed for beginning throwers, intermediates and professionals. As one of the Internet's premier throwing knife dealers, we have throwing knife sets that will make the most avid connoisseur's jaw drop. All the items in our catalog are value-packed, which means you get the most bang for your buck when you shop with us.

Most of the sets in our inventory come with three ultra-sharp knives, although some come in pairs. We have six-piece sets as well, so finding the throwing knife set you've always wanted is easy when you browse our catalog. Choose between the world's top blade manufacturers, like Perfect Point, Boker Magnum and Cold Steel. We also keep several Uzi, Gil Hibben and Colt throwing knife sets in stock and ready to ship.

The wholesale throwing knives in our catalog are available in a variety of styles and lengths. Whether you need a streamlined 8.5-inch knife that whispers through the air or you're looking for a movie-themed throwing knife set, like Kato's set from The Green Hornet, you'll find it at Wild Bill Wholesale.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, knives are the core of our business and we understand what makes them so special. We know the excitement a beginner feels with a blade in hand, the staunch determination of someone working to get better, and the thrill of a perfect throw. We think you'll love our huge collection of the world's best throwing knives, so please, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our catalog and find the perfect throwing knife set for your needs.