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Tactical Pens

Downrange military personnel and those who are conducting field training exercises, law enforcement professionals who are on the job, and serious outdoorsmen and survivalists use tactical pens to convey their messages and keep track of supplies. Unfortunately, they can get pretty pricey. That's why we carry a huge variety of tactical pens at affordable prices; you can get tactical pens wholesale from our catalog without wasting money on retail markups.

Our huge selection of wholesale tactical pens includes great brands like Uzi, Schrade and Smith & Wesson. We also carry Takedown Gear, MTech and others in order to provide you with the best selection available. Whether you're looking for a U.S. Army Tactical Pen in green or desert camo or a Tom Anderson Tactical Pen in black, you'll find the right one for your needs at Wild Bill Wholesale.

Our selection of Uzi tactical pens includes gun metal gray finishes, removable pocket clips and more. The Uzi 8 1/8” Tactical Pen even has a razor-sharp tactical DNA catcher crown that's perfect for self-defense and glass breaking. The Uzi tactical pens in our catalog are refillable, so you don't have to buy another when it runs out of ink; simply remove the inner cartridge and replace it with a Fisher Space Pen refill.

Looking for Schrade tactical pens? Wild Bill Wholesale has several models, colors and styles. From a dignified silver Schrade 2nd Generation Tactical Pen in silver to a black Schrade 3rd Generation Tactical Pen, we have them all. Check out our pink, rainbow and brown models for a little variety; we even carry a wholesale Schrade Tactical Pen in pink that's festooned with hearts, which makes a great gift. Naturally, if you're in the military or buying for someone who is, our black and silver Schrade tactical pens are your safest bet to stay within uniform regulations. No matter what kind of wholesale tactical pen you need, you'll find it at Wild Bill Wholesale.

The Pen is Sharper then the Sword Tacticians, military planners and outdoorsmen know how important it is to stay prepared; that includes having a working pen when you need to jot down a note. Ordinary pens just don't cut it in rugged environments, so at Wild Bill Wholesale, we've put together a huge selection of Schrade tactical pens. These pens double as self-defense tools, so they're perfect for carrying on the job. They won't let you down, so you never have to worry about being unable to do what you need to do, from taking down grid coordinates to writing down a suspect's confession. These military-grade, wholesale tactical pens are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. Whether you need to meet uniform regulations with a black or silver tactical pen or you have the freedom to express yourself with a hot pink pen festooned in hearts, you'll find the perfect one for your collection in our catalog. Schrade tactical pens are lightweight and designed to withstand rough circumstances. They're made to be durable and keep writing, even in miserable conditions. Roughing it in the cold? No worries; that's why we call them tactical pens. They pull double duty so you can have peace of mind while you're working. Our huge collection includes the original Schrade tactical pen and the second and third generations. The Schrade 2nd Generation tactical pen features one pointed end that can be used as a stylus or as a weapon in an emergency situation. Their 3rd Generation pen comes with interchangeable fountain or roller ball writing instruments and non-slip grips that make it a must-have for tactical environments. All the wholesale Schrade tactical pens in our massive inventory have been rigorously tested for their ability to keep writing in rough conditions and be used as self-defense tools in an emergency.