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Tactical Apparel

Tactical ApparelWhether you're carrying out survival operations, search and rescues or other tactical missions, you can't get the job done without the proper gear. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we carry a huge selection of tactical vests, wholesale holsters and duty belts that will help you perform at your best. You won't have to worry about fumbling around at a key moment because when you're using one of these tactical holders, you always know where your essentials are.

We carry military-grade utility belts that hold everything from your weapon itself to extra magazines, tactical knives and phones. Our customizable utility belts are packed with great features, like completely adjustable holsters, baton holders and pepper spray holsters, so they're ideal for law enforcement and military personnel. Looking for something bigger and badder? Try our Deluxe Quick Draw Tactical Vest. It's similar to what U.S. soldiers and Marines use in combat, and it comes equipped with 12 pouches for carrying ammunition, weapons and other survival gear. This zippered vest features adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

Our inventory is packed with wholesale drop-leg holsters in a variety of sizes, styles and patterns. Choose between simple black thigh holsters made of durable nylon and digi-cam drop-leg holsters with military-grade clips to hold them in place. We also carry belt holsters for pistols in digital camouflage and woodland camouflage patterns that are convenient and easy to use. Display your concealed carry permit with your weapon by sporting one of our special concealed carry holsters, or try one of our ultra-slim leather holsters that tucks neatly along your belt line.

Wild Bill Wholesale also carries Quick Draw gun magnets that can be concealed beneath a desk, on a shelf or on the back of a door so you can enjoy the convenience of quick access when you need it. Our nylon shoulder holsters are available in digi-camo and black, so they meet military regulations and are ideal for tactical use in combat environments. No matter what kind of wholesale holster you're looking for, you'll find the perfect addition to your collection at Wild Bill Wholesale.