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Cane Swords

Whether you're looking for a novelty sword cane or one to use on a daily basis, you'll find our catalog packed with wholesale sword canes that are perfect for your needs. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we fill our inventory with highly functional and collectible items in order to provide you with the widest selection. These affordable cane swords are some of our best sellers.

Our wholesale sword canes come in bulk packages and as stand-alones. If you're looking for variety, check out our package of five. It contains five wholesale cane swords that can be used to assist in walking and as an ultra-sharp blade for self-defense if necessary. These all-metal cane swords feature eye-catching, stylish handles; depending on our inventory, the styles you receive may vary. From talons holding a glass marble to a cobra poised to strike, these gorgeous cane swords are perfect for almost any use.

Looking for something specific? You might love our 8-Ball Sword Cane, which measures 36 inches from end to end. Unscrew the 8-ball to reveal a 14.5-inch stainless steel blade. Not whimsical enough? Check out our wholesale Dragon Sword Cane, also measuring in at 36 inches. This highly detailed handle unscrews and pulls out of the cane sheath and reveals a fully functional, ultra-sharp 12-inch stainless steel blade. We also carry 36-inch Dragon Claw Sword Canes, 36.5-inch Double Demon Sword Canes with 15.5-inch blades and more.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, we pride ourselves on carrying the best selection available. That's why we keep several wholesale umbrellas with hidden swords in stock and ready to ship. Unlike most umbrella swords, ours are extremely affordable. They're working nylon umbrellas, but the handles are attached to lethal 15-inch daggers; these wholesale umbrella swords are perfect for carrying anywhere. Check your state and local laws before ordering, though, because some localities aren't umbrella sword-friendly.