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Stun Guns

At Wild Bill Wholesale, we're committed to bringing you the best and most affordable options for your own self-defense. That's why we've chosen to include dozens of wholesale stun guns in our comprehensive catalog. You'll find several styles, colors and types of wholesale stun guns here.

Whether you're looking for a cell phone stun gun that can be easily concealed in a pocket or purse, a stun gun that looks like a flashlight or a knuckle-borne stun gun, Wild Bill Wholesale can provide you with the self-defense products you need. Ideal for late-night trips to the store, travelers who head out alone or anyone in need of an easy-to-use, nonlethal method of protection, our wholesale stun guns are affordable and practical.

Our inventory of wholesale stun guns includes Dragon Fire, ZAP and Leopard brands. We also carry Monster, Streetwise and more in order to provide you with the widest variety possible. We have stun guns disguised as perfume canisters, walking canes and flashlights for those who want to carry several hundred thousand volts of protection undetected. We have zap batons, stun pens and compact stun guns as well.

We carry stun guns in a wide variety of colors, so you can defend yourself with a little style. Whether you're looking for a pink cell phone stun gun or a black stun pen, or anything in between, you'll find it in our comprehensive catalog.

Need protection for two? Check out our His and Hers 2.8 million volt stun gun sets. We have ordinary, run-of-the-mill wholesale stun guns, stun gun bestseller packs and much more. Please note that stun guns are illegal in some states and in some cities, so please check our list or your local laws to determine whether you can purchase wholesale stun guns through Wild Bill Wholesale.