"Stealth Ranger" Dual Action OD Green OTF Knife

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The "Stealth Ranger" is the modern outdoorsman's trusted EDC blade of choice. No matter the situation you may find yourself in, while on a peaceful hike through the wilderness, the Ranger's got your back. You could find yourself in close combat with some perpetrator, of defending yourself against blood thirsty wildlife, hand to hand combat with some crazed out moonshiner, or just needing to cut yourself free from a random snare trap that you just stepped in- regardless of the situation, we guarantee you'll be grateful for not leaving the house without your "Stealth Ranger OTF Knife". 

Several features of this blade distinguish it from  other similarly priced OTFs. Right off the bat its obvious this item was manufactured with quality in mind. This knife is smooth, sleek, solid, and feels perfect in your hand. The blade deploys with POWER and there is no question that the spring used must be  one that will last a lifetime. But there are those knives out there that have power but open so lethargically that they never leave a good impression. The Ranger is the opposite. It deploys with the force of a speeding locomotive and with the quickness of a fired bullet. When open the overall length is just over 9". The 3.5"stainless steel spear point blade with it's partial serrations are just wicked. The handle is made from zinc alloy with a rubberized coating to keep it from slipping and to prevent scratches. Six Torx screws hold this piece together with a thumb slide that features a dual action function-  AKA- this knife opens and closes automatically. More features include the metal pocket clip, the tactical glass breaker,  and a tactical nylon sheath with quick release belt loop. Overall ,this is just simply a great knife to have.



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