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Discount Hidden Knives for Self Defense for Sale

Wild Bill Wholesale offers dozens of knives by master knife makers that are practically works of art that owners would be proud to show off. But then there are times when discretion and secrecy are more appropriate. These are the knives for those times. These stealth knives and hidden knives are cleverly disguised as everyday objects that won't draw a second glance.

The Lipstick Knife looks at home in any purse, and even comes in three colors: red, blue and black. It looks like an ordinary tube of lipstick, but when you remove the lid and rotate it, a 1.25-inch blade emerges, not lipstick. Total length is 3 inches when closed.

Equally stealthy is the Hidden Pen Knife. It not only looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but it also writes like one. But pulling the two halves apart reveals a 3-inch knife blade, which means you can always have this knife handy, whether for personal defense or just opening a letter.

Wild Bill Wholesale offers three hidden knives disguised as hair care items. The Cold Steel Honey Comb looks like a normal hair brush but conceals a stiletto dagger with a 3.5-inch blade. The CIA Covert Comb Knife looks like an ordinary comb, but pull the handle out and a black, 3.25-inch stainless steel partially serrated knife blade is revealed. The rest of the comb and handle are made of high impact plastic, in your choice of black or pink.

The Belt Buckle Knife with Adjustable Nylon Belt puts a knife just inches away from your hands at any time. The attractive buckle on the nylon belt is made of chrome with black and burl wood inserts. The buckle is actually the handle of the knife. Just pull the handle from the belt to reveal a 3.25-inch partially serrated stainless steel blade.

These hidden and disguised knives are unexpected items that will catch the attention of your customers and Wild Bill Wholesale's low prices and discounts for bulk purchases make them easy to add to your merchandise selection.