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Wholesale Spring Assisted Knives
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When you're looking for spring assisted knives, wholesale is the way to go. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we're committed to helping you find the right spring assisted knife for your needs, and we're not afraid to point you in the right direction. Our huge collection of wholesale spring assisted knives is organized by category and by brand to make it easy to find the perfect blade.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, we appreciate fine art as much as anyone does. That's why we've included knives from the Ballistic Masters Collection in our catalog. These fantasy spring-assisted opening knives are remarkably designed for opening speed, strength and style. Whether you're purchasing one for yourself or for someone else, these masterfully manufactured Ballistic fantasy knives are like no other.

Spring assist opening knives are different from switchblades because they aren't constantly struggling against pressure. They don't depend on a button-release mechanism, and they're designed to stay closed until you make an effort, however slight, to open them. Using a simple lever on the back spine of the knife or by depressing a thumb stud, you can physically open the blade.

The key difference between switchblades and spring assist opening knives is that spring assist knives are legal in all 50 states. Switchblades are outlawed in many jurisdictions, and it's illegal to ship them across state lines unless they're destined for the military or law enforcement professionals.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, spring assisted knives are some of our favorites. We've put together a huge collection of spring assisted knives that we're sure you'll love. We carry the best brands, like SOG, Buck and Columbia River Knife & Tool, because we want to offer you the best selection possible. Looking for TAC-FORCE, Schrade or Smith & Wesson? We have those brands as well. From Gerber to Tiger, Wild Bill Wholesale has one of the most comprehensive collections of wholesale spring assisted knives available.

Check out our best-sellers and specialty spring assisted knives at wholesale prices to add to your collection. It's our goal to provide you with all the options you need to find the ideal knife, so select your favorite brand or browse each category, one at a time. Most of our fantasy spring-assisted opening knives look like movie props, including the Ballistic Dreadful Duo. The 6-inch Dreadful Duo features two 3.5-inch black stainless steel blades with colored flames and a pointed center grip that separates the middle and fourth fingers. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we're always on the lookout for remarkable knives, so this section of our catalog is updated when we find something amazing. You'll find that the fantasy knives in our catalog are priced just right. Because we're able to sell our knives at wholesale prices, you save when you shop with us.