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Slingshots & Wrist Rockets

Slingshots first came into popular usage in the mid-1800s. The invention of durable rubber led the way for these primitive weapons. Slingshots have gotten a bad name, being frequently associated with young hoodlums, but in the hands of a skilled user, they can be effective tools for hunting small game. Though some commercially made slingshots were constructed of cast iron, homemade varieties were most often made of wood. Today there are national slingshot competitions.

Trumark is regarded as one of the slingshot pioneers. It began with Howard Ellenburg and his sons who created the first advanced slingshot designs in 1953, adding a wrist brace and other improvements. The advancements were a success and the company has sold millions of slingshots since that time. We are proud to offer genuine Trumark Slingshots and replacement parts. Of the models we offer, the FiberOptic Slingshot with Stabilizer is the most advanced. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and optic sensors that make the sights glow for better visibility. Other technological improvements increase band life and reduce recoil. It's a far cry from wooden sticks and a rubber band. Their other models include The Bat, with black nylon frame and removable stabilizer, and the TruShot, which has its starter ammo stored in the handle. Trumark's high-velocity replacement bands are designed for regular or heavy pull. They also make a Folding Slingshot with a rustproof aluminum frame.

For those who prefer a more basic and "rustic" experience, we have unique hand carved wooden slingshots with an Eagle or Bear head carved into the frame. These models have surgical latex rubber slings and vinyl pockets. They make great gifts for children and nature enthusiasts.

Before you place an order for any of these items, please carefully review our slingshot shipping restrictions. Slingshots are restricted or prohibited in many locations. Check your local regulations.