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Spy Cams, Stun Guns and Home Security Products for Sale
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When you're at home, you're relaxed. That often means you're vulnerable, but you don't have to be. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we have a comprehensive collection of self-defense and security products that can keep you and your family safe from criminals who intend to do you harm. Whether you're looking for wholesale self-defense products like stun guns and brass knuckles or detention gear like handcuffs, you'll find all the self-security products you need in our huge inventory.


All the self-defense and security products in Wild Bill Wholesale's catalog have been carefully chosen by our expert staff members for their reliability, durability and practicality. That means you can be sure you're getting the best equipment at the best prices when you shop with us.

Choose between our wide variety of spy cams to stay on top of every situation, even when you're not there. We carry alarms and home security equipment like motion-activated chimes and light sensors that can ward off potential housebreakers. If those criminals do find their way in, we have wholesale pepper spray, expandable batons and sap gloves so you can help them realize the error of their ways. Keep would-be attackers subdued with a pair of handcuffs from our catalog and wait for law enforcement to arrive and you'll be all set.

Looking for ways to keep your belongings safe? At Wild Bill Wholesale, we carry several diversion safes that look like soda cans, water bottles and books. We have shaving cream cans, fruit cocktail cans and cleaning supplies that double as fantastic hiding spots so no one but you can find your valuables.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, we're proud to offer such a huge collection of wholesale self-defense and security products that help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Whether you need passive security, like binoculars, or active security, like brass knuckle belt buckles and stun guns, Wild Bill Wholesale has you covered.