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Schrade Spring Assisted Opening Knives

First responders, police and military personnel love Schrade spring-assisted opening knives. So do survivalists, preppers, hunters and fishermen. Why? Because they're fantastic tools with more than one purpose, and they're compact enough to tuck into a pocket, attach to MOLLE gear or slip into a backpack wherever you're going.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, our Schrade spring-assisted opening knives are handpicked by our in-house knife experts. They meet all of our criteria: they're reliable, they're rugged, and they're designed for the user's benefit. While Schrade knives are all attractive, that's not why we've chosen to include them in our catalog. We picked them because they're made from superior materials and produce superior results.

Schrade spring-assisted opening knives are a wonderful addition to any collection. Whether you're a paramedic, a tactical professional or someone who likes to be ready for anything, these knives are exactly what you need when you're on the go.