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Wholesale Schrade Knives & Tools

SchradeThe Schrade Cutlery Company has a proud tradition of knife making dating back to 1892. It was founded by George Schrade, who previously founded the New York Press Button Knife Company to market his switchblade knives. After selling off his interest in this company to Walden Knife, he formed Schrade Cutlery, and continued to perfect his craft. The Schrade switchblade was the leader in the United States automatic knife market, and they expanded their line to include other pocket knives. Today, the Taylor Brands company continues to manufacture Schrade knives, building on over a century of quality craftsmanship.

Our wholesale Schrade knives are offered to you at low discount prices, for exceptional value that you can pass on to your customers. The Schrade Spring Assist Opening Knives provide the same quick release as the switchblade knives (which were banned in 1958), and they are completely legal in all 50 states. We have 'out the front' models that include the Extreme Ops and the Viper. There is also the Nitro, with its Tanto point stainless steel blade, and the side-assist models with either a drop point or Tanto blade. Schrade also has their side-assist bayonet blade, with your choice of gray or black handle.

Schrade's Extreme Survival knives include their M-9 13 inch bayonet with serrated high carbon steel blade. Their Imperial Pocket Knives are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 blade varieties, all with celluloid handles. They produce pocket knives with special handles such white bone and red marble. Knife aficionados will appreciate the collectability of Schrade’s special collections. The Pewter Collection features pewter-finished stainless steel handles with sculpted wildlife artwork. The Scrimshaw Collection has an old world look, with yellow Delrin handles depicting animal scenes. There are also Fixed Blade & Hunting Knives which include camp knives, skinners, a Bowie knife, machetes and an ax. The Schrade folding dirks are modeled on the old Scottish dirk (or thrusting dagger), which was used in naval combat and by Scottish Highland regiment officers.

The rugged Schrade construction can also be found in their Kitchen Knife sets, which are kept in perfect order in attractive hardwood blocks. Special editions include the 150th Anniversary Commemoratives, the Remember the Alamo 175th Anniversary Republic of Texas Series and the Texas Longhorn Series. Browse these exquisitely designed, high quality collectors' pieces. Our Schrade knives wholesale prices can't be beat.