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Discount Rough Rider Knives

Rough Rider Knives were designed in honor of Teddy Roosevelt's handpicked 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, which were later known as the Rough Riders. They were an elite group of 2,000 cavalrymen from every walk of life, an equal mix of cowboys and aristocrats. It seems fitting to have named these rugged and sophisticated knives after these proud soldiers. We offer superior quality Rough Rider knives wholesale to you at low prices, so you can pass on the exceptional value to your customers. Sportsmen, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and collectors will all appreciate the workmanship and attention to detail of the Rough Rider brand.

We stock over 35 different lines of Rough Rider knives-trappers, toothpick knives, Stockman's, whittlers, fixed blade and much more. The basic design of the twisted brown bone handle features 440 stainless steel blades in a choice of styles, including 3-blade and 6-blade Stockman's, 4-blade Congress and 2-blade trapper. The Long Rifle Series hunting knives are available as lockbacks, skinners, Stockman's, toothpick knives and others. Every blade style imaginable is represented among our wholesale Rough Rider knives, including the wide blades of Elephant Toenail and Sunfish knives, and the classic canoe style. Just a few of the handle varieties available in the canoe line are bone, mother of pearl, imitation abalone or tortoise, stag bone and synthetic.

Rough Rider's Doctor's Knives are modeled after knives from the late 19th and early 20th century, when doctors regularly carried these knives in their bags and used the blades to crush pills and break up powders in medicine bottles. Most models include the thinner spear and pen blades for this purpose and these knives are great nostalgia items. The trapper knives come in many configurations, from dual blade up to 5-blade models. There is also the special Vietnam Trapper with commemorative etchings. The Miniature Knives are unique and ideal for attaching to a necklace or key ring. For those who enjoy novelty knives, there's Rough Rider's Leg Knives. Each one has a handle that resembles a woman's leg capped off with a high-heeled shoe.

There are knife collections to honor special weaponry, organizations and events, such as the Civil War Series, Masonic Series and Battle Axe Series. We also offer the line of Rough Rider tools. There are pocket knife sets, wood carving sets, hammers, sharpeners and more. Browse all their exciting lines to find some great wholesale bargains.