Pistol Crossbow Bolts/12 pc.

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Wild Bill Wholesale is your one-stop shop for Pistol Crossbow Bolts. Whether you're looking for a single 12-piece set or several, we have exactly what you need. Great for small game, target practice and many other uses, these plastic bolts are lightweight and accurate. Like everything in our catalog, these wholesale Pistol Crossbow Bolts are tough, reliable and available at ultra-low prices.

These 12-count Pistol Crossbow Bolts are carefully molded out of high-quality plastic. They fly straight with minimum interference, so once you're sighted in, your aim will be spot-on. Their sharp metal tips ensure they pierce your target without bouncing off. These bolts feature clean lines and simple, two-piece construction, so they'll stand up to your targets without failing.

These vibrantly colored Pistol Crossbow Bolts are easy to see against dark targets, and although we know you'd never miss small game, they're easy to find in brush???? just in case. Since the fletchings are molded with the body of each bolt, they can't come loose or fall off. They're lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take them anywhere without inconvenience.

Like everything in Wild Bill Wholesale's huge catalog, these plastic Pistol Crossbow Bolts are rigorously tested before we make them available for purchase. Since they're durable, accurate and reliable, they're perfect for beginners, intermediate shooters and experts. Whether you're buying them for yourself or someone else, a 12-pack of these bright Pistol Crossbow Bolts are must-haves for any collection.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, we have all the gear you need for your pistol crossbow. We specialize in finding the best deals on the best equipment for shooters at all levels. These colorful plastic bolts can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the perfect shot, so make sure you're ready when the time comes.

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