Set of 10 Different Lockback Folding knives- NEW CONTENTS

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We have put together this set of 10 different lockback  folders- buy one set for $19.99 (that's under $2 per knife), or $1.85 ea. when you buy 3 or more sets for $18.50 ea.! You can easily retail these knives for $4.99-$6.99 ea, give your customers a great deal, and make a nice profit for yourself! Each knife is a lockback folder, from 4" to 5" closed, they have stainless steel blades  . You won't believe how nice these are for the LOW PRICE you paid!

 NOTE: The knives you receive in this package may vary from the image shown. As these packages are assembled, we may run out of some styles from time to time, and then we substitute newer styles for the ones that are sold out.

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