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The great outdoors can become not-so-great really fast if you're not prepared with the gear and the skills you need to stay comfortable and, if the expedition goes all pear-shaped, as our friends in the old country say, to ensure your survival. Wild Bill Wholesale offers outdoor camping gear, tools and equipment to prepare properly.

Starting with the basics of food and shelter, our outdoor equipment includes tents, hammocks and sleeping bags for protection from the weather and stoves, cooking equipment and utensils for eating. Of course when you need a first aid kit, there's nothing you need more. We stock more than a dozen kits to choose from, as well as refill supplies, treatments and dressings. Another small thing that can make a big difference in your survival odds is your ability to start a fire. Make the task easier with our fire starter kits.

We also get you geared up with the tools you need for hunting, camping or survival. Game shears, bone saws and cleaning sets for hunters, shovels, axes and hatchets for tasks around the campsite, and wood saws and machetes for clearing the way are some of the tools we provide at our wholesale prices. Our lanterns and flashlights let you see at night, and our selection of night vision optics lets you see even without added illumination. Just as our night vision optics take your eyesight beyond human levels, the Walker's Game Ear muffs let you hear far more than your ears can alone and they have safety features to protect your hearing.

Of course all the gear in the world can't save anyone's hide without the knowledge of how to use it or what to do to ensure survival when things take a turn for the worse. For that, Wild Bill Wholesale offers a wide variety of books, from pocket first aid and survival guides to training manuals and handbooks used by U.S. Special Forces. We have several guides to improving hunting and fishing skills, as well as books that explain how to cook and preserve the catch.

Be prepared and gear up for less with outdoor equipment from Wild Bill Wholesale.