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Optics & Magnifiers

To see clearly what kind of savings you might have been missing out on until now, check out the steep discounts available on optics and magnifiers at Wild Bill Wholesale. Magnifiers make objects appear larger, but Wild Bill's markdowns make the prices on these optical items much, much smaller.

If you need anything from a magnifying glass to a handy pocket microscope, you'll find them here, including a compact 20x-40x zoom pocket microscope with super-bright LED light to illuminate a subject and ensure a clear, bright image. Products that provide 40x magnification enable you to see minute details the naked eye would never be able to distinguish. In addition to a generous choice of different magnifying glasses by Carson, Wild Bill Wholesale also has a compact optics MagniCard which is the size of a credit card and has a bright LED light built right in. Cards like this are idea when you need to get a closer look at an old-fashioned hard-copy map when you don't have a GPS device handy, or when you need to look at a document with extremely fine print.

Wild Bill Wholesale also carries binoculars, jeweler's loupes, digiscoping adaptors for your smart phone, bug catchers, visors and even a telescope, the SkySeeker model from Carson with precision 60mm optics and a 40x-100x power range for high-quality imaging. And the Carson Optics Adventure Pak bundles several useful products into one package, like binoculars, flashlight, compass and a combination signal whistle/thermometer. Carson has more than 25 years' experience in the optics industry, a dedicated team of engineers and a growing product line of optical items.

The best savings on magnifiers and other optics products will become visible when you check out Wild Bill's inventory. Call 888-922-5233 for more details.