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Pocket Knives Made in U.S.A. - Old Timer

Old TimerThe "Old Timer" brand is legendary among knife aficionados. It was manufactured by Schrade Cutlery, a company founded in 1904. They closed their operations in 2004, on their 100-year anniversary. The Old Timer knives are now made by Taylor Brands, who purchased the company's trademarks. Production is done overseas, to keep prices low. The designs and patterns have been meticulously reproduced to look just like the original Old Timer knives made in U.S.A. These knives are also packaged in the same way, and bear the same stock numbers. They're harder to find now, because they're no longer sold to "big box stores." This creates a fantastic opportunity for you to be among the independent retailers who stock this world renowned brand. Without competition from the large discount stores, you'll have the reputation of being "the place to go" for Old Timer enthusiasts in this specialized market.

The original Old Timers were prized and handed down from generation to generation, and these newly manufactured knives will be no different. Our line of these special wholesale pocket knives includes the Traditional Sawcut Delrin models. They come in many variations, from the Lockblade Trapper to the 4 Blade Congress. There's the Bearhead Trapper, with tweezers and straight pin, and the Buzz Saw Trapper, with clip blade and linerlocking saw blade. The Grandad's folding knife has 2 blades and a pair of scissors, while the Equestrian Knife includes a hoof pick.

We have the collector's edition Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary Knives, issued to commemorate the Boy Scouts of America (1910-2010). The Ironwood Handle Series comes in single blade and 2 or 3 blade models, as well as the Mini Pro Hunter and 8 inch Pro Hunter. Both Pro Hunter knives include a leather sheath. The Old Timer Hunting & Fixed Blade Knives include the Deer Slayer, with a stainless steel blade and brown leather belt sheath, and the Knife/Axe combo, ideal for the outdoors.

Old Timer Knives are quality, time-tested products that are worthy of being called family heirlooms.