Obsolete Coins of Yesteryear Set

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This is a nice collector coin set consisting of 5 old obsolete coins, as follows:

  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar (90% silver). These 50 cent pieces, believed by many collectors to be among the most beautiful ever produced by the U.S. were minted from 1916-1947. 
  • Washington Quarter (90% silver). The Washington quarter has been minted continuously since 1932.  Coins produced prior to 1965 were 90% silver, this set contains one of those silver quarters.
  • Mercury Dime (90% silver). A collector's favorite, the Mercury Dime was produced from 1916-1945. They are also known as "Winged Liberty" dimes. 
  • World War II Wartime Silver Nickel- From 1942-1945 U.S. Jefferson nickels were made from a special formulation which included 35% silver.  This freed vast amounts of nickel and copper that was needed for the war effort.
  • 1943 Wartime Steel Cent. In 1943, due to the wartime shortage of copper, U.S. cents were made from zinc coated steel. 

This set is a good value and nice beginning of a coin collection, it contains 3 old 90% silver coins, as well as the 35% silver nickel.  The set is housed in a lucite hard case with colorful insert and informative information about the coins in the set.


Please Note: The dates of the coins in the set you receive may vary from the ones in the image.



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