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Necklaces & Keychains

Necklaces & KeychainsWild Bill Wholesale offers dozens of kinds of necklaces and keychains in unique and eye-catching styles that diversify your selection of merchandise and capture customers' attention. Give them the chance to show off their personal styles with these small items and watch your store's sales increase.

Wild Bill Wholesale's unique collection includes keychains made from genuine ammunition rounds in a dozen different sizes, from 9mm to .50-caliber Browning rounds. The keychains are made from inert bullets so they are completely safe. Complement these keychains with earrings made from inert 9mm bullets. Another clever style is the handcuff keychain. The fob, which looks like a set of handcuffs, measures 1.5 inches across.

Among the items most certain to draw attention are necklaces and keychains with real spiders and scorpions encased in Lucite. These come in several styles and variations, including a keychain with both a spider and a scorpion facing off inside glow-in-the-dark Lucite. Other necklaces feature fossil shark teeth and ammonite fossils that are millions of years old.

Your customers can show their affinity with embroidered keychain fobs displaying the insignia of the branches of the U.S. military, the 101st Airborne Division insignia, the firefighter emblem, the POW/MIA design, the Confederate battle flag and other designs. Some of these same emblems are also available on coin style and pewter medallion keychains.

Wild Bill Wholesale's broad selection of gemstone necklaces includes amethyst clusters and slices, quartz stones and spiral-wrapped quartz points, faceted gemstones in silver mountings, gemstone crosses and various colors of skulls made from gemstones. There's even a necklace made from a genuine piece of a meteor that fell to earth in South America more than 2,000 years ago.

Wild Bill Wholesale's unique personal items, available at low wholesale prices, take up little space in your store but boost sales through impulse and add-on purchases.