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Swords and Knives from Movies and TV for Sale
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We're not going to lie; everyone on our staff has a soft spot for movie knives and swords. You, too? You're in luck. We had a blast compiling one of the Internet's biggest selections of the blades featured in some of the greatest movies of all time. That means it's pretty thorough, and the added bonus is that we offer all these great movie knives and swords at amazing prices.

Looking for Rambo movie knives? We have several officially licensed Rambo knives, like the First Blood Survival knife. It's a 14-inch masterpiece with a survival kit inside the handle, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. We have knives from all the Rambo movies, and we even carry a Sylvester Stallone Limited Edition knife from Rambo III. These make great collector's items and gifts for Rambo aficionados.

Looking for something a little more old-school? Check out our huge selection of movie knives and swords straight out of the heart-pounding action of 300. We keep gorgeous Spartan swords, shields and helmets in our extensive inventory. You might also like our Prince of Persia-The Sands of Time Black Shamshir of Dastan Sword, or you might prefer swords from The Lord of The Rings. We have Sting, Glamdring, and Anduril (Frodo's, Gandalf's and Aragorn's swords, respectively), and the sword of the Witch King and the Sword of Samwise-Museum Collection Limited Edition, as well.

Some of our most popular movie knives and swords come from more modern action flicks, like Resident Evil: Afterlife, Ultraviolet, Avatar and Predator. Our inventory is packed with G.I. Joe knives, Blade: Daywalker, and The Green Hornet knives. Check out our Kill Bill swords and knives, blades from the Terminator movies and out of Machete. We think you'll love our huge selection of movie knives and swords, so please, take a minute to browse our inventory and find the perfect addition for your collection today.