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Martial Arts Training Equipment, Supplies, and Weapons
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For customers engaged in serious martial arts training or for collectors of Asian swords, nunchucks and other weapons, we have an extensive selection of first-rate equipment at low wholesale prices. Here is your chance to carry a full line of this highly specialized equipment, providing your customers with a trusted source for products not readily available in regular retail outlets.

The Ninja was the Japanese equivalent of special ops personnel. They operated covertly in feudal Japan and specialized in unorthodox forms of warfare. We carry several types of Ninja Equipment, including a grappling hook, climbing claws, foot spikes, caltrops and a full uniform. We also have collectible Ninja figurines and a gear set. Popular among Ninjas were Throwing Stars. We offer many different kinds, including 3, 4, 6 and 8 point stars. We also carry throwing star sets such as the Spider Web Thrower Set, available in silver or black. There are different throwing star designs like the Buzz Saw with rainbow finish, the black stainless steel Flying Sickle and the Boomerang Thrower with yin yang symbols. This collection also includes throwing cards like the Necromancer and Fantasy Master Joker sets.

Nunchucks are a traditional Japanese weapon that was popularized by the legendary Bruce Lee in his blockbuster movies. For practice and training, we offer foam chucks with either a cord or a chain that attaches the two sticks. We have black hardwood chucks and wooden chucks with a dragon motif. We also offer natural wood-colored nunchucks and a more lightweight set made from rattan. Our Wooden & Foam Training Swords come in many varieties such as the Shinai Kendo Bamboo Sword, the Samurai Training Sword with cord wrapped handle and the Chinese Kung Fu Sword. We carry Other Martial Arts Weapons that may be quite difficult for your customers to find elsewhere. There are Kung Fu fighting fans, metal sais, kamas, butterfly swords and a Ninja Manriki Chain. We also have Wooden Training Broadswords and rattan Bo Staffs. For less money than you would think, you can be a well-respected source for specialty martial arts weapons and equipment.