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Knife Sharpening Supplies
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Knife sharpening supplies that help keep edges sharp and well-maintained are available at Wild Bill Wholesale. Arkansas Stones, including Tri-Hone Knife Sharpeners with three stones in varying grits or Dan's Whetstone EZ Hones, Blademasters, bench stones and sharpeners from brands like Norton, Spyderco, Lansky, DMT, Gatco and more are all in stock. Honing oils and ceramic sharpening rods are also part of the inventory at Wild Bill Wholesale, where all knife sharpening items are deeply discounted to prices 40% to 50% lower than retail.

Now that you're supplying your customers with the finest knives and cutlery available, you'll want to provide them with quality tools to maintain the sharpest edge on those blades. Our superior quality sharpeners, sharpening stones and honing oil will keep stainless steel blades of all grades properly maintained and at their peak performance for many years. We have diamond sharpening rods, Arkansas stones and professional quality sharpening tools from Smith & Wesson, DMT, Lansky, Norton and more.

Arkansas Stones are the traditional natural stone sharpeners, used by countless generations of knife owners. They're graded according to their hardness—the harder, the finer. Soft Arkansas is the coarsest stone available. We have several different sizes and types, from a Soft Arkansas Whetstone on a cedar block to the Tri Hone with fine, medium and coarse grit. As with several of these models, the Tri Hone comes with a bottle of honing oil. Our Aluminum Oxide and Ceramic Sharpeners come as 6 or 8 inch stones, in kits or separately. There are also ceramic sharpening rods.

The DMT Sharpeners use thousands of abrasive, monocrystalline diamonds for fast sharpening speed. We have their Diafold Diamond Whetstones, Bench Stones, Aligner Sharpeners, sharpening rods and sharpening stones with different grits. The Lansky Sharpening System takes knife sharpening to a new level. Each kit comes with multiple sharpening hones, knife clamp, guide rods, honing oil and a custom storage case. Chef's Choice makes a complete line of electric sharpeners for home or professional use. There are models that can be used for a wide variety of kitchen, hunting and pocket knives. We also have sharpening stones from EZE LAP, Norton and Spyderco. The Smith & Wesson Diamond Dust Sharpener is a super compact device that clips on to your shirt pocket. It has thousands of diamond chips that allow for quick and effective sharpening. A range of sharpeners for knives, scissors and other tools is also available.