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Kit Rae Knives and Swords

We're proud to offer knives and swords by Kit Rae, a leading designer who has created fantasy weapons for major television and film productions such as Star Trek, Spider Man 2 and The Chronicles of Riddick. He has also produced licensed replicas from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Mask of Zorro and others. Give your fantasy knife aficionados the chance to own a piece of history.

In our Kit Rae line, we have the BlackJet Thrower Triple Set in small or large. These throwing knives are sleekly designed with black trim and cord-wrapped handles. There's a Dagger Triple Set, with double-edged blades and leather wrapped handles. For those who prefer axes for throwing practice, we have the Kit Rae Aircobra. At over 10 inches long with a 4-1/2 inch cutting edge and rear spike blade, this is a formidable piece that will attract attention. It features single piece construction of AUS-6 stainless steel.

Our line of Kit Rae fantasy swords includes the Mithrodin Sword. From the Swords of the Ancients Collection, the Mithrodin is made from stainless steel and has a metal handle and a leather-wrapped grip. It comes with an art print from the master himself, Kit Rae. The Kit Rae swords are part of a complete mythology. The Mithrodin Sword is said to be Elven-forged, and the blade is engraved with the maker's mark in an ancient language. Other swords in the series are the Exotath and the Anathros, which has runes etched on the blade. There is the special Damascus Edition of the Valermos Sword, a 40-inch sword with a blackened Damascus steel blade and detailed hilt and pommel. These swords all include a certificate of authenticity and a color art print that depicts a battle scene from the mythological tale.

The Ellexdrow War Spear is the first spear in this line. It is 71 inches, with long and short blades constructed of AUS-6 stainless, both with laser engravings. The shaft has leather-wrapped grips, and as with the swords, it includes a certificate of authenticity and an art print.

The Valdris Special Edition has dual blades, an aluminum handle and comes with a mounting plaque and hardware. Serious collectors will appreciate the expertise and attention to detail that goes into every Kit Rae piece. With our discounted prices, you can offer exceptional value to your customers with these fine collectibles.