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Wholesale Katz Knives


At Wild Bill Wholesale, our buyers know a great value when they see it. That's why our huge collection of wholesale Katz knives is so popular. We carry dozens of Katz knives, including lockbacks, linerlocks and fixed blade knives in order to provide you with the widest selection possible. Whether you're looking for a fillet knife or a Katz Safari accessory kit, you'll find it at Wild Bill Wholesale.

Our wide selection of wholesale Katz lockback knives includes their most popular series, like Cheetah and Black Kat. These compact and convenient lockbacks have all the features you need, including stainless steel satin-finished blades, thumb lugs and no-slip grips on the handles. Many of our Katz lockback knives come with fast-draw belt sheaths for added convenience.

Wild Bill Wholesale's inventory is brimming with Katz linerlock knives that are perfect for concealed carrying and use in everyday situations. From self-defense to slicing snacks, our Katz linerlocks fit the bill. Each has a stainless steel blade that's easy to care for and an easy-grip handle that makes them a welcome addition to any collection; they make great gifts, too.

We carry Katz diver's knives and boot knives as well as collectible fixed-blade knives. The Avenger series is full of super-strong double-edged beveled blades and serrated blades that make them perfect multipurpose knives. Looking for something to add to your at-home collection? Check out the stunning Kagemusha series, the Lion King series and the Alley Kat series; they feature polished stainless steel blades that look fantastic in collectors' cases, but they're incredibly useful in most situations, so we won't blame you if you take them out now and then. All of the wholesale Katz knives in our extensive collection meet our high standards of durability and ease of use, and we're adding new items as they become available so we can continue to provide you with a wide variety of the world's best knives.