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Karambit Knives From All Brands/Manufacturers

Karambit KnivesWild Bill Wholesale's commitment to providing its customers with the most comprehensive selection of karambit knives on the market is evidenced by the sizable collection it has in stock from some of the most esteemed knife manufacturers around the globe.

Smith & Wesson, Fox, Cold Steel, MTech and more highlights the selection of karambit knives available at Wild Bill Wholesale, and within each brand name are a large choice of diverse styles, giving the consumer the freedom of choice when it comes to colors and sizes. Karambit knives are fast and extremely sharp knives built for hand-to-hand combat at its most extreme. The Karambit is a multi-use knife made with user safety, precision and efficiency in any task in mind. Karambit knives have curved or hooked blades, a user-friendly and comfortable handle and, normally, at least one safety ring. A karambit knife can deal out a lot of damage without much effort while still maintaining a certain amount of grace. Experienced users of the karambit knife appreciate its ability to maneuver the blade into a variety of positions without exerting a lot of effort. Since combat is often unpredictable, doing this without the possibility of losing one's grip on the knife comes in very handy.

There is a great choice of different handle colors and styles available, for those who want something in a solid color or those users who instead prefer camouflage or other innovative designs. For karambit knives that appeal to both active users as well as avid collectors, Wild Bill Wholesale offers these implements at prices well below what you'd pay almost anywhere else.