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Ka-Bar Knives for Sale Wholesale - Military Discount Knives

Ka-Bar KnivesKa-Bar is the name known for producing hardcore knives for hardcore lives. Ka-Bar Knives are available at Wild Bill Wholesale. Stock them for customers who are seeking a professional military knife with traditional styling made from modern materials. Ka-Bar has been manufacturing high quality military, hunting, sporting, all-purpose utility and outdoor survival knives since 1898. When you buy these strong, corrosion-resistant knives from Wild Bill Wholesale, you will save up to 50% and sometimes more off their retail price.

When you're looking for a professional military fighting man's knife, you probably have one brand in mind: Ka-Bar. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we love the entire Ka-Bar line. They're made in the U.S.A. to their original 1940s specifications because you just can't top old-fashioned quality designs. Whether you're looking for discount Ka-Bar law enforcement knives, folding knives or hunting knives, you'll find them at Wild Bill Wholesale. Our inventory is also packed with Ka-Bar military and combat knives that are available with various service markings.

Ka-Bar law enforcement knives feature curved, partially serrated blades made of top-quality stainless steel. Many come with hard, plastic friction sheaths fitted with nylon straps for easy attachment. These wholesale Ka-Bar knives are some of our best sellers. Also topping our best-seller list are items straight from our huge selection of Ka-Bar military knives, like the 12-inch USMC Operation Iraqi Freedom commemorative blade or the 12-inch Navy Pearl Harbor commemorative knife.

We deal Ka-Bar knives because they're world-renowned for their rigid quality standards, and that holds true of every knife in our catalog. While we're selling discount Ka-Bar knives, the price does not affect the quality. They produce some of the world's finest folding knives, fighting knives and even zombie knives, and you'll find them all in Wild Bill Wholesale's catalog.

Since we're authorized Ka-Bar wholesalers, our catalog is packed with several other items they produce. We have Ka-Bar K2 Rescue Kits, outdoor dining kits that include one of each utensil and glass-filled sheaths. You'll also find Ka-Bar USMC Presentation Cases, leather sheaths that feature the USMC's logo and stunning display cases in our extensive inventory. Attach your blade to a pistol using a Ka-Bar bayonet holder or carry your gear in a TDI Law Enforcement Fanny Pack from Wild Bill Wholesale. No matter what wholesale Ka-Bar knives, gear or accessories you're looking for, we're sure you'll find them here. Our selection is one of the most comprehensive available, and our prices are extremely affordable.