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Hunting Knives

Stay on top of your "game" with the selection of top-quality brand-name fixed-blade hunting knives available for low prices at Wild Bill Wholesale. An essential ingredient of any outdoorsman's gear, hunting knives include classic straight-blade knives, curved-blade skinning knives, gut hooks and more. Steel Stag Knives engineered to precision feature stainless steel gut hook blades and genuine stag round handles. Other highly venerated brands in the Wild Bill catalog include Mossberg, Survivor, Buckshot, Sawmill, Rite Edge, Woodland, Red Deer, Tom Anderson, Iron Cougar, Steel Wolf and many more. From 4.5-inch small skinner patch knives to 18.5-inch primitive bowies, the selection of hunting implements is nearly infinite, and hunting knives offered by Wild Bill Wholesale routinely sell for up to 50 percent less than the same items when bought retail. Buying these knives from Wild Bill will really help you slash your budget while boosting your own knife inventory. FOR SPECIFIC BRAND KNIVES, PLEASE LOOK UNDER THE APPROPRIATE BRAND AREA IN THE "KNIVES BY BRAND" SECTION