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Wholesale Hen & Rooster Knives

Hen & Rooster Expert craftsmanship is a constant with the line of Hen and Rooster Knives available at Wild Bill Wholesale. The German company known for its exceptional quality makes canoe knives, whittler knives, trapper knives, fixed-blade hunting knives, pocket knives and more. Many of these knives have blades with frosted etchings. And Hen and Rooster also makes commemorative items like die cast scale model trucks that are ideal gifts. The entire line of Hen and Rooster products is available at a fraction of their retail price when you buy from Wild Bill Wholesale.

Founded around 1845, Hen and Rooster Knives hail from the knife making center of Solingen, Germany. Dating back to medieval times, this region of Germany became known for the finest quality swords, knives, razors and scissors. Hen and Rooster was given its curious name by its owner, Carl Bertram, a well-known poultry business proprietor. The company's operation was kept within the family for many years. In 1983, the trademark and Bertram name became a joint venture between knife manufacturers in Tennessee and in the original birthplace of Solingen. The knives are to this day made in Germany with the same expert craftsmanship found many years ago. We are proud to be able to offer you these first-class knives at low wholesale prices.

We carry an impressive selection of Hen and Rooster knives. Their line of Congress Knives comprises 2-blade and 4-blade models. They're available in many different handle styles, including deer stag, jigged bone and Corelon in several colors. Each knife has nickel silver bolsters and an inlay shield, and some feature frosted etchings on the blades. The Hen and Rooster Canoe Knives have the same colorful Corelon variations such as Star Spangled Banner, Arizona Sunset and Midnight Gold. There's also deer stag, autumn bone and pick bone handles. Each knife features spear and pen blades. The Whittler Collection has clip, pen and coping blades, and 2 models have dual clip blades. The handles are available in stag, bone, Corelon and mother of pearl. The Hen and Rooster Trapper Knives include clip and spey blades with Corelon, bone, stag or burl wood handles. The triple-blade Stockman models come in a dazzling array of Corelon styles, or the more subdued pick or jigged bone, deer stag or yellow composite.

We carry an extensive selection of Hen and Rooster Fixed Blade and Hunting Knives. There are hunter knives, Bowie knives and skinners. Blade types include upswept, guthook, clip point and drop point. Handle designs are just as varied. There's the Ram's Horn Bowie knife, and the 10-1/4 inch Guthook with genuine deer stag handles. The unique Joint Bowie from the Deer Bone Series features a Bowie style blade with guthook and deer bone joint handle. There's also a special clip point Bowie knife that commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War.

Other Hen and Rooster products include kitchen knife sets, a picnic set and special commemorative items in display boxes that make perfect gifts.