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Handcuffs & Cases

Law enforcement professionals, paramilitary experts and savvy survivalists know that the key to effective detention is having a pair of high-quality handcuffs. At Wild Bill Wholesale, we carry an extensive selection of wholesale handcuffs and accessories made by the world's most trusted manufacturers. We have Takedown, Scorpion Defense Products and UZI handcuffs that are lightweight, tough and durable, so you can use them during any emergency situation.

Our wholesale handcuffs are available in several sizes and styles. Choose between traditional chain-link style cuffs and hinged handcuffs to get exactly what you need; we even carry thumb cuffs that can also be used as toe cuffs for added security. Whether your job entails detaining suspects on a daily basis or you just need to be prepared to restrain someone until law enforcement professionals arrive on the scene, you'll find the perfect wholesale handcuffs in our comprehensive collection.

Each set of wholesale handcuffs in our catalog has been rigorously tested to ensure they perform up to our high standards. Most feature a double-locking system and stainless steel construction. Choose between several finishes, from hot pink and black to traditional silver and camouflage handcuffs. Our collection also includes wholesale handcuff accessories like leather and nylon handcuff cases, so you can get everything you need without the hassle of searching high and low.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, we understand the importance of being able to take care of yourself when necessary. That's why we also carry covert handcuff keys made of non-metallic compounds that are easy to conceal. Lost your keys? We even have universal handcuff keys that fit on your key ring and can unlock most standard cuffs. We have everything you need to effectively detain suspects or save yourself during an emergency.

Everything in our catalog, from wholesale handcuffs to cases, keys and more, meets our rigid quality standards and is intended to save you money. Whether you order in bulk for resale or just need to supplement your personal collection, you'll love our wide variety of wholesale handcuffs.