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Guard Dog Security, as a manufacturer's authorized distributor for Guard Dog Security, offers the lowest possible discount prices available on Guard Dog Security Products.

Popular products in the Guard Dog Security line include the Guard Dog Icon which produces an astounding 3,000 lumens and is one of the most prowerful lights available on the consumer market. The Guard Dog ProShield Bulletproof Backpack, while being a roomy backpack to carry your everyday essentials in, is also certified to stop .357, 9mm, .44 magnum, and .45 caliber bullets, while weighing only slightly more than a regular backpack. Other items in the Guard Dog line include an extensive selection of Pepper Spray in different sizes, all the way from a small pocket unit and popular keychain pouch units, to a 24 ounce crowd control unit, suitable for use by law enforcement or use against multiple assailants. At 18% concentration of OC pepper spray, Guard Dog Products are the most powerful strength available on the market today. Guard Dog Security's Complete 12 pc. Pepper Spray Countertop Display Unit makes a great point of sale item at the register or checkout, and is one of the top selling items on our entire website. Wild Bill Wholesale carries the complete line of Guard Dog Security's cutting edge stun gun designs, including the Inferno, the Diablo II, and the Special Ops. Many of these high quality stun guns double as a tactical flashlight, made of lightweight but strong aircraft aluminum. Guard Dog Security has a patent pending on their exclusive Concealed Innner Stun Technology. Gun Gun/Tactical Flashlight combo units featuring this technology have no visible electrodes, and at first glance cannot be distinguished between a stun gun and a regular flashlight. Guard Dog Security guarantees their products for life, and offers an exclusive Pepper Spray for Life program, whereby in the event a consumer who has purchased one of their pepper spray products is forced to use it to defend themselves, Guard Dog will send them a new replacement unit at no charge.