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German Eye Brand Knives

German Eye Brand knives (or simply Eye Brand) have been hammer forged since 1898 by the Carl Schlieper family in Solingen, Germany. It's a company with a long family tradition spanning 6 generations. This commitment to their craft is shown in the fine quality of their knives.  Hammer forging is the traditional method of knife making. Few companies use this this traditional method. Most knives these days are cold stamped. Hammer forging costs more and is time-consuming, but the process aligns the steel's grain structure, making the blade stronger. Hammer forged knives also hold an edge better. Because we're a wholesale distributor, we are able to offer these top-of-the-line, highly respected folding knives at low discount prices for exceptional value.

We have a large selection of German Eye Brand knives, with different combinations of blades and various types of handles. The Large Congress has 4 blades, nickel silver bolsters and yellow celluloid handles. The Medium Stockman with Stag Handles features clip, spey and sheepsfoot blades. It is made from Solingen steel with nickel silver bolsters. The Muskrat / Jigged Bone Handles is 3-7/8 inches closed, features 2 clip blades and is made from high quality carbon steel. In addition to clip blades, there are other types such as spey, sheepsfoot, coping, pen, long clip and skinning blades. Handles are available in deer stag, wood, celluloid, pick bone and composition. The Canoe model has Solingen steel blades, stag handles and an elk scene etched in gold on the blade. This knife is 3-5/8 inches when closed.

German Eye knives have been a favorite among Texan cattle ranchers for many years, due to their toughness and edge holding quality. Show your dedication to tradition by stocking up on these time-tested knives for your discriminating customers.