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Frost Cutlery

Discount collectors knives available at Wild Bill Wholesale include a full line of Frost Cutlery. Frost Knives makes handy pocket folders and fixed-blade knives in a variety of historical themes such as Civil War and vintage cars and trucks. Check out the set of Frost commemoratives and limited edition collectibles presented in handsome wood display boxes or custom hardshell presentation boxes. Frost Cutlery tactical folding knives appeal to military and law enforcement personnel in particular.


At Wild Bill Wholesale, we love good collector's items. That's why our inventory is packed with wholesale knives by Frost Cutlery, including their commemorative and limited edition knives. Since Frost Cutlery produces some of the most durable pocket knives, tactical folders and fixed-blade knives on today's market, adding them to our catalog was a no-brainer.

Wild Bill Wholesale's massive selection of Frost Cutlery knives includes highly functional, reliable pocket knives from their Frost Dog Leg Trapper Series, their Uncle Lucky Series and more. We even have Steel Warrior pocket knives, like the Lockback Whittler and the Trapper, in a wide array of styles, sizes and colors. Looking for wholesale Frost fixed-blade knives? We have the N-Site Combo Hunting Set, the Red Clay Tanto and many more on-hand and ready to go.

Outdoorsmen, military personnel and law enforcement officials flock to our selection of Frost Cutlery's tactical folders. They're available in several styles, like the No Mercy and StoneTech models, which come in a variety of colors. Since these wholesale Frost Cutlery knives are sturdy and affordable, they're some of our best-sellers.

Like any good knife company, Frost Cutlery puts out several commemorative editions and limited edition collectibles. From their lighthearted Moon Pie Trappers with blue or brown handles to their somber Frost Cutlery Civil War 150th Anniversary Trappers, you'll find the perfect gift or addition to your own collection at Wild Bill Wholesale. We have World's Greatest Grandpa Trapper knives, Presidential Gold Dollar Commemorative Coin Series Sets and more in our huge catalog. Most of these collectible Frost knives come in an elegant display case or gift box.

Check out our selection of Frost truck sets while you're here. We have their Masonic Knife and Truck Set, the Moon Pie truck and the Bull and Bear 2012 Alabama Championship Knife and Truck Set. Whether you're looking for a wholesale Frost Cutlery knife as a gift or for hunting, fishing or everyday use, you'll find the right blade at Wild Bill Wholesale.