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Discount Fantasy Master Knives

Discount fantasy master knives are available at Wild Bill Wholesale in large varieties and at cut-rate prices. Fantasy machete sets, fantasy short swords, fantasy fixed blades, necklace knives, throwing knife sets and much more are in stock at prices discounted up to half to of they'd cost retail. Save even more by ordering in bulk quantities. Fantasy fans will delight in this merchandise, which includes some very exotic weaponry with highly unique designs.

Delight fantasy weapon collectors with this extensive line of swords, knives, daggers and more from Fantasy Master. As factory authorized wholesale distributors, our prices for Fantasy Master knives can't be beat. This means you can offer these highly collectible pieces to your customers at competitive prices. From necklace knives and fantasy daggers to throwing stars and Ninja swords, we have a dazzling array of expertly crafted pieces that would take pride of place in any collection.

The Folding Knives collection includes some unusual offerings, such as the Double Blade Folder with pirate etching between the 2 blades. The Demon Skull Folder also boasts dual blades, and the Dragon Folder features wings that unfold and can be used as a bottle opener.

Fantasy Master's Necklace Knives are the ultimate in stealth protection. The necklaces have different themes and are greatly detailed with small blades hidden within the design. The Vietnam War Neck Knife is made of metal and includes an assault rifle, grenade and helmet. In a similar war theme, the World War II German Grenade Neck Knife depicts a "potato masher" stick grenade, an iron cross and an SS helmet. The 2-inch knife is within the grenade. Other neck knives are hidden within spiders, a scorpion, gothic crosses, pirates, skulls and an Egyptian pharaoh.

Of the daggers and fixed blade knives, one of the more exotic pieces is the Skull Mace with Hidden Dagger. Made of wood with metal skulls, the dagger is hidden inside the handle. Other fixed blade knives in this series include the 25-inch Machete Style Knife and the curved skull karambit, with either aluminum or wood handle.

The Throwing Knives collection includes a 4-piece throwing star set in black stainless steel, an 11-inch Kunai Knife (which traditionally was a Japanese farming tool) and throwing card sets. Fantasy Master's Extreme Fantasy Knives have eye-popping designs that will liven up your knife offerings and are bound to create a lot of interest. The Full Suit of Aces is a 14-inch dagger with detachable throwing ace cards. The Hydra Blade is actually 2 interlocking double blade dragons with a custom wood wall plaque that displays the complete piece. The Demon Fighter Mask is made from silver resin, and can be displayed or worn.

Other exotic weaponry includes the Spider Ring Knife with dual blades, and the Giant Fang Fantasy Sword with imprisoned skeleton and wire-wrapped handle.