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Fantasy Blades, Weapons and Knives

Wild Bill Wholesale offers dozens of fantasy knives in dramatic and unexpected designs will capture the attention of your customers. These fantasy knives make displays that can't be ignored.

Many of these fantasy knives come with display stands or wall plaques, such as the Red Dragon Fantasy Dagger with an ornate wall plaque or the Dragon Wall Plaque with twin 14.5-inch crossed swords. Both have highly detailed dragon figures and other decoration on the resin shields and the swords can be removed from the display. The Tom Anderson Dragon Claw Fantasy Knife has detailed acid etching on its 7.75-inch stainless steel blade and an intricate dragon pommel, all of which shows off nicely as it rests on its included custom wood display stand with flame etchings.

Close your hand around the handle of the X Claws and the handle disappears, leaving you with claw blades nearly 11 inches long extending from your hand. That will get some attention. So will the Pantera by Tom Anderson, a fantasy dagger with three stainless steel blades that comes with a display plaque and stand. Outrageous designs such as the Night Stalker Vampire Bat Fantasy Knife with its stainless steel wing blades and blood sucking spike, or the Death Stalker Fantasy Knife with its scorpion-shaped stinger blade and rows of steel blades on the sides, with definitely gain attention.

See the intricate designs of the fantasy and medieval axes, such as the 20-inch Fantasy Alien Scythe or the 12-inch Dragon Fantasy Axe, which comes with a wood display stand that makes it easy to show off the dragon head design on the metal handle and the dragon graphics on the black stainless steel blade.

The Swords of the Zodiac collection features swords with the Chinese Zodiac symbols of the Tiger, the Rabbit and the Ox. The pommel includes the appropriate zodiac symbol.

Wild Bill Wholesale's large selection of fantasy knives lets you stock your store with the unexpected merchandise your customers will want.