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EZE LAP Diamond Sharpeners

Eze Lap Diamond sharpeners are made in the United States to high quality standards of flatness and consistency, so they provide reliable results. Wild Bill Wholesale carries a variety of Eze Lap diamond sharpeners, from larger stones mounted on wood blocks for bench-top use to sharpeners with leather pouches that slip into a pocket and sharpening rods. Eze Lap sharpeners are made with a proprietary process that bonds high-quality industrial-grade diamond particles in a stainless steel alloy to a metal substrate. These sharpeners will work with knives of various materials, including the new forms of stainless steel that many knife manufacturers use today.

The Eze Lap Diamond Sharpening Stone on Wood Base has non-skid feet on the walnut block and comes in a variety of sizes, from 8 inches by 2 inches to 3 inches by 1 inch. For an easier grip, the Eze Lap Diamond Paddle Stone has a handle-shaped wood block base.

For convenience and portability, Eze Lap's Pocket Diamond Sharpeners come in several sizes and grits and all are easily slipped into a pocket, so you'll have one handy when your knife needs attention. The pocket sharpeners come with a leather carrying pouch and are available in different grits.

If you prefer using a rod, the Eze Lap Oval Sharpener has a diamond-coated rod surface with a black plastic handle and comes in several different sizes. The Eze Lap Gourmet Diamond Butcher sharpening rod has a walnut handle on its 10-inch coated-steel rod. The Eze Lap Sportsman Diamond Hone has a brass handle that unscrews to extend a 3.5-inch sharpening rod. When closed, it measures just 4.5 inches.

At the low-cost end of the scale, the Eze Lap Economy Diamond Sharpener still has the same quality sharpening surface and comes in four grit levels. The Eze Lap Diamond Chain Saw Sharpener attaches to an electric drill for quick sharpening.