Ephemera Collection- Old Stock Certificate, 1933 World's Fair Transit Ticket, 1882 Indian Head Cent, Patch

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This is a 4 pc. set of collectible ephemera containing items as follows: 1). An old stock certificate for the Lift Products Corporation, issued for 30 shares on June 22 1951, and bearing a handwritten cancellation 2 days later on June 22, 1951. Certificate bears a beautiful vignette of a heraldic eagle with the U.S. Capital in the background. Certificate is in excellent condition. 2). Perhaps the most interesting item of this set is the transit ticket issued by Chicago Surface Lines and bearing the motto "Century of Progress". This was the slogan of the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, which dates this piece from that year. 3). An 1882 Indian Head Penny in average circulated conditon. 4). An embroidered patch for Trucker's Gear & Bearing. We have only one of these sets available, so please don't order more than 1. Discounts and promotions that may be in effect from time to time do not apply to this item.
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