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Elk Ridge

Elk RidgeElk Ridge Knives for campers and hunters are available at Wild Bill Wholesale in a variety of sizes and styles. Elk Ridge makes everyday carry pocket knives as well as hunting and sportsman knives, tactical folders, spring-assisted knives and professional knives. Professional grade Elk Ridge Knives with 440 stainless steel blades come with many different handle materials and are sold for prices as much as 50% less than suggested retail prices at Wild Bill Wholesale. These factory-direct blades are a great value.

Featured Items

Impress knife collectors and outdoor enthusiasts with these fine hunting and sportsman knives. Elk Ridge Knives are manufactured by Master Cutlery to their highest standards. Because they're made overseas, they're able to offer these quality knives at lower prices. As their factory wholesale distributors, we can then pass along the savings to you. This means you can offer professional grade knives to your customers at highly competitive prices.

The Elk Ridge line of knives includes pocket knives, models for hunters and sports enthusiasts, tactical folding knives and knife combo sets. Of the pocket knives, Elk Ridge produces several different handle designs and types of blades. The Rebel model, which features the rebel flag, is available with clip, spey, sheepsfoot or twin clip blades. Those same blade types are also featured with bubble gum, 2-tone wood, simulated bone, stag and mother of pearl handles. Other types of blades available in different configurations include wharncliff, spear, guthook, pen, saw and razor. Handle styles include simulated abalone, mother of pearl, Delrin, synthetic yellow, stainless steel with wood inserts, camo and Staglon. The Lockback Deer, Eagle and Wolf knives are handsome pieces with the animal engraved on the blade and burl wood handles.

The Elk Ridge Hunter with camouflage blade and handle was designed by knife maker Tom Anderson. It is one of the models available in their hunters and sportsmen collection. There are skinners, filet knives, Bowie knives, combat knives and daggers. Their Trailsman Machete is 17 inches, with solid full tang stainless steel construction. The Outdoor Axe with wood handle is 14 inches, made from 440 high carbon surgical steel. Their 9.5 inch Hatchet features single-piece construction and an attractive paracord wrapped handle that provides a solid grip.

There are also Tactical Folding Knives with a variety of handle styles such as Wolf Design and Eagle Wood Inlay, and Combo Sets for outdoors and hunting uses. We frequently feature New Arrivals, so check back often. We offer these rugged and practical Elk Ridge Knives wholesale, direct from the factory, at the best value for you and your customers.