"Dynamite" Redneck Fishing Lure (Hot Sauce)

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We don't normally carry items in the food category, but when we came across these at a trade show, we knew our customers would love them! This will make a great impulse buy item, or gag gift. The redneck fishing lure has the appearance of a stick of dynamite, complete with fuse. Hilarious instructions are written on the label. Open the bottom, and slide out the enclosed 5 fl. oz. bottle of clear "Moonshine" Hot Sauce. Instructions: Step 1. Carefully light fuse and toss lure into water. Step 2. You...Haul Butt! Step 3. After loud blast, return to fishing area and quickly gather fish. Step 4-After gathering fish, repeat step 2. Disclaimer: This is a novelty item containing a bottle of hot sauce, no actual explosives are included.
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