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Hidden/Diversion Safes and Secret-Stash Containers

Keep your valuables safe and secure with a wholesale diversion safe from Wild Bill Wholesale. We carry a huge selection of diversion safes at extremely discounted prices, and they're a must-have for any home or workplace where secrecy is of the utmost importance. Whether you're hiding a key, some cash or a few family heirlooms, you'll love how efficient and effective these diversion safes can be.

Statistics show that most burglars spend fewer than six minutes inside a victim's home; that means putting your valuables in a diversion safe can make all the difference in the world. The Chicago Police Department went so far as to say that diversion safes are better than heavy-duty, locked safes because burglars and home invaders won't even realize they're there.

Stash your cash in a Barbasol can over the bathroom sink, place your pearls in a Liquid Wrench Diversion Safe in the laundry room or keep high-value electronics in a Streetwise Large Book Safe with Combination Lock from Wild Bill Wholesale. Add a faux outlet plate to your wall that opens into a pouch for small valuables or stick a fake surge protector under your desk to hide jewelry, money and more.

You've heard of robbers taking everything but the kitchen sink. If they leave the sink, they won't need the cleaning products beneath it. That's a good thing, because Wild Bill Wholesale carries Ajax Cleanser Diversion Safes, Engine Degreaser Diversion Safes and more. Let your precious possessions chill in the refrigerator, safely tucked into a Bottled Water Diversion Safe, a Country Time Lemonade Diversion Safe or other fake canned beverage-themed safe. Prefer the cupboard? Check out our Pringles Potato Chips Diversion Safe and our Del Monte Fruit Cocktail Diversion Safe.

At Wild Bill Wholesale, we're all for protecting personal possessions. Whether you're looking for a Rock Key Hider to stash next to the porch or a big book to tuck away your personal effects, you'll find exactly what you need to keep your valuables out of criminals' hands right here.