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Wholesale Damascus Knives

Damascus KnivesDamascus steel was traditionally used in the making of swords in the Middle East, dating back to India around 300 BC. They have a pattern in the steel that looks like flowing water, and are said to be shatter resistant, tough and able to accept and hold a sharp edge. Our low wholesale prices will let you introduce your customers to these special blades at competitive prices.

The El Dorado Skinner and Stag-handled Bowie are two of the models in our Fixed Blade and Hunting Knives series. Other styles include the Tri-Circle Hunter with clip point blade and the Buck Spike with stag tip handle. There is also a toothpick knife, boot knife, commando dagger and a Spanish Bowie with rosewood handle. We have Folders and Pocket Knives made with Damascus steel. There's the Key Chain Knife, the Trapper with clip and spey blades and the Hawkbill blade with jigged bone handle. Doctor's knives and a lockback are also available. A particular stunner is our Damascus steel Handmade Folder. The handle is made from alternating sections of mother of pearl, white bone and silver.

Our Do-It-Yourself Knife Blades are great for your customers who like to personalize their knives with their own homemade handles. These models are just the single piece Damascus steel blades, ready to be adorned in whatever way the sportsman or collector sees fit. This is a unique offering to add to your inventory, for those who wish to own something unique and especially made by and for themselves. We have these available in 10 inch Buffalo Hunter and 8 inch Big Foot Hunter style blades. Bring the mystery and power of traditional Damascus steel into the modern world and everyday use. These classy blades make stunning gifts, to be treasured as a special collectible or as an important tool for hunting, camping and other outdoor uses.