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Damascus Fixed Blade/ Hunting Knives

Damascus Fixed Blade/ Hunting KnivesThe beauty of Damascus steel has been appreciated since the time of Christ, and Wild Bill Wholesale stocks a variety of fixed blade and hunting knives from various makers that combine traditional styles and blade shapes with the attractive natural patterns of the steel. The unique look of Damascus steel dates to techniques used by sword makers in the Middle East centuries ago. Today, these modern knives combine the look of those antiquities with modern performance and strength.

These fixed blade and hunting knives come in skinner, hunter, Bowie and other blade styles. In keeping with the timeless look of the Damascus steel blades, they offer traditional styling such as the stag handles on the Buck Spike, Small Bowie, Skinner Brass Guard and Iron Maiden Bowie, among others. Many feature brass guards and pommels that contrast nicely with the dark steel of the blade and the naturally varying coloration of the stag antler handles.

Wild Bill Wholesale offers numerous knives with Damascus steel blades, and always at low wholesale prices, of course. Among the more unique examples shown here is the Kenshar, with its 12.375-inch elegantly curved Damascus steel blade, brown wood handle with pins, brass guard and uniquely styled brown leather belt sheath. Among the knives here with double-sided blades are the Commando Dagger, 13.5 inches in overall length with an antler stag handle with colored wood spacers and a brass hand guard and end cap, and the Large Toothpick knife, 13.625 inches in length overall, with wood handle with brass studs.

Check out the smooth and flowing shape of the Spanish Bowie and you can easily imagine the smooth, rosewood handle fitting your hand with the brass handguard and pommel keeping your grip secure and looking good while doing it. These knives come with their own leather sheaths that match the traditional style of the Damascus blades themselves.